What comes with my nails?

All press on nail orders come in a storage box and now every order comes with free mini nail prep kit which includes a mini nail buffer, cuticle stick, cotton wool pad and glue as well as application instructions.


How do I find the right size?

Please refer to the sizing chart to find out how to measure your nails and which sizes to select.


How long do they last?

When nails are properly prepped and applied with glue, they can last for 1-3 weeks (depending on how well nails are prepped). If you want a more short-term application use nail tabs. For more information you can refer to the application instruction included in your order.


How do I take the nails off?

There are 2 methods:

Either by applying cuticle oil to nails, making a mixture of hot water & any kind of body oil and letting them soak for 10-15 mins. If they are taking any longer add more oil to the mix.

Or by soaking your fingers in acetone. *NAILS ARE NOT REUSABLE WITH THIS METHOD*


What if the nails I purchased don't fit?

As all our sets are handmade, we cannot be held responsible if the wrong size is ordered. Please refer to our sizing chart for correct measurements.


Are the nails reusable?

Yes, all our press ons are reusable. Make sure to follow our nail prep and application instructions (included in every order). If you use glue we recommend you purchase a small hand file or electric file to buff away any glue build up on the back of the nail to give more wears.


Are you taking custom orders?

Yes we are currently taking custom orders. Please refer to our Custom Cut Nails page for further information.


Can individual nails be sold in replacement?

If you lose/ damage individual nails in your set and would like to replace them just get into contact with us using the Custom Cut Nails service to order the replacement nail.


Can I cancel my order?

We gladly accept cancellations within 24 hours of purchase and After that all sales are final. Please email info@glasscutnails.com for further information.


Can I make changes to a design?

Of course! As our all sets are made to order, small customisations can be made to you order, you just have to simply add your customisations to cart notes. For example, if you want colour/ length changes or a matte or glossy finish just make a note. Any bigger changes - e.g. additional crystals or design changes - should be made through custom designs.


What are the processing times?

Please refer to our shipping policy for all information on process/ shipping times.


What are the shipping times?

Please refer to our shipping policy for all information on process/ shipping times.